Friday, February 4, 2011

Hawaii - Do it Yourself - Photo Booth/Bar

There are a myriad ways to produce a customized photo booth and it is a personalized alternative to the standard commercial photo booth. Photo back drops also require less space and since there is no rental cost it is a budget friendly .

Things you will need -
1) A location for the Backdrop
2) A frame for fabric or installation - PVC is light and sturdy
3) Backdrop fabric - deep solid colors work really well and can coordinate with your event. You can also get great vinyl ones customized with a wedding logo*.
3) Good lighting- eliminating the need for flash will improve the photos. Check with your photographer to see if they have studio lights you can use/rent.
4) Digital Camera or a Polaroid (hassle free - no printer necessary)
5) Photographer - although you can ask some guests to volunteer to shoot - Hiring a second photographer for a 2 hours will ensure that no one at your wedding gets locked there
6) Portable Printer w/Photo paper
7) Paper Frames for Photos
8) Accessories are fun - with a Hawaii destination wedding it would be simple to have a prop box that includes leis, hula skirts, hakus, and ukuleles but your options are unlimited and an opportunity to further personalize your event

Weddings are such a wonderful time to interact and connect. Use the Photobooth concept as yet another way to bring everyone together.


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