Monday, January 9, 2023

Adieu 2022, Aloha 2023

The COVID pandemic safety measures effectively shut the Oahu wedding industry down beginning in March 2020. By April of that year, every event was impacted. Moving from the total shut down to a return to “normal” over the last few years has been quite the journey.  The silver lining from the forced hiatus was the gift of time. Time to redirect, reflect, reevaluate, reinvent. 

Over the last few years,  I was involved with planning and executing my nephew's, my niece's and my son's weddings on the mainland. Being intimately involved on that side of the planning was revelational. It was the 180 degree view from the client's side of the process. With these new insights, I gained both knowledge and empathy about the dynamics and challenges my clients and their families navigate on their side of making it happen. 

The next few blogs will be focused on lessons learned from each of these weddings and how it has helped me be a more effective planner and given me the ability to be a consultant with a 360 degree view on the entire process. 

October 2021-  my nephew Tim and Caroline 

July 2022 - my niece Grace and Kyle 

October 2022 - my son William and Tori