Monday, March 29, 2010

Caring for your Wedding Dress

Many of our clients travel with their wedding dresses. The dresses are squeezed into a garment bag and a kind flight attendant finds room somewhere in the cabin. Needless to say, some fabrics need some TLC when they arrive.
Our first choice is Keepsakes Wedding Gown Preservation.

“On April 16th we arrived in Hawaii only to be dismayed that one of our bags was completely soaked. In that bag was my wedding dress which had a big stain on it. What could have been a complete disaster was quickly solved when we reached your cleaners. You were so great- you came and picked up the dress and brought it back as good as new! Needless to say you guys saved the day! You will never know how much we appreciated it!! Thank you so much for the excellent service. I don’t think we could have found anyone like you guys back home. “

Sincerely, Rick & Karen Polster

For cleaning, steaming or preserving of your wedding dress in Hawaii contact Gabriella. You can find more information at

Friday, March 19, 2010

Chairs Chairs Chairs

Every wedding ceremony & reception has them...chairs! Since they are a basic for any celebration why not consider bumping up the look of your event by focusing on the practical and often under appreciated chair:) Often the impact that choosing the right chair can have is underestimated. Think of it as an opportunity to lift a design scheme from nice to exceptional.

REA Events on Oahu is now carrying the chairs pictured in stock. They look fantastic on their own (cushions colors are customizable) or dressed up. So many different looks from one basic piece of furniture.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tropical Wedding Color Theme

Green is hands down the most popular wedding color in Hawaii. Green is used frequently either as a base color or an accent. One reason that it is so prevalent is because it is safe and it works.

As a planner I always encourage my clients to be unique. There are lots of elegant color combinations that work smashingly in Hawaii that don't rely on green. Check out how warm, modern and inviting the these colors are beach side. So don't limit yourself - think fresh and original by considering other colors combinations.

Do keep in mind that not all colors are created equal in the tropics. There are some combinations that don't translate successfully. For example, a 2010 color trend on the Mainland is the black & white wedding. While it is classy and clean in a ballroom location it comes across as formal and stuffy at an ocean side Hawaii wedding.

Although "Being Green" is a trend we LOVE at Parasol Events...,it does not need to be literal:)

Linens at

Friday, March 5, 2010

Destination Theme - Clever Favor Idea

Working with my July 2010 clients on options to incorporate a destination theme into their event in a smart & elegant way netted this original idea. By using the tags as napkin rings, their guests are sure to find them and appreciate the gesture.

The luggage tag is simple & elegant favor plus it totally connects with the destination wedding theme. Another nice feature of using the favors in this manner is that the table has a classic accent with out adding clutter. Very clever!!!

You can find these at


Monday, March 1, 2010

Keeping the "Heart" in your wedding!

As a wedding planner I have many roles but helping my brides and grooms remember that this is about them at the core is one of the key responsibilities among an ocean of choices, details and decisions.

My wedding planner does not turn off even in down time...., so I wanted to share an excerpt page 68 of Erica Bauermeiser's new novel, "The School of Essential Ingredients" which totally captures the spirit of what I would want for each of my clients.

"I remember my wedding cake," said Claire. "I was so hungry - we hadn't eaten all day. Here was this incredible cake- layers of chocolate and whipped cream and all these curlicures of thick, smooth frosting - and they kept making us pose for pictures. I told my husband I was starving, and he took a fork and just stuck it in the side of the cake and fed me a bite. My mother and the photographer were furious, but I always tell James that was the moment when I married him."

The planning matters but being present and together is more essential.