Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Found - "Hawaiian" Wedding Cookies!

In Mexico, they are called wedding cookies. In Russia, they are called wedding tea cakes. In Denmark, they are called Danish wedding cookies. Almost every culture has a version of these cookies which are considered good luck symbols for couples at their wedding.

The cookies combination of nuts and sugars are representative of the "bumps in the road" and the "sweetness that coats a happy marriage."

With this international & symbolic cookie in mind, I searched the web and found a Hawaiian version of the wedding cookies and officially dub them the perfect" Hawaiian" wedding cookie. Made with macadamia nuts they are sweet and savory. Just imagine what a perfect compliment they would be with a glass of champagne, a cool glass of white wine or a refreshing tall ice tea.

You can find them online at

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Bridal Boutique - Honolulu

I wanted to send a shout out to The Bridal Boutique. As a planner, having reliable, professional and gracious vendors to work with is critical.

I recommend the Bridal Boutique to both my local and destination clients who want a local knowledgeable resource to alter or purchase wedding attire They are consistently of invaluable assistance. Once a bride unexpectedly lost several pounds and needed alterations. Another time a bridesmaid was in serious denial about the appearance of her bust line and needed to be fitted at the last minute. In both cases, Joyce and Cecilia made themselves available and eliminated stress.

The Bridal Boutique opened their doors in 2006 and co-owners Joyce Coelho & Cecilia Domingo pride themselves in offering friendly and professional customer service in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. It is their belief that the entire process should be easy and enjoyable for their clients.

They have our backs..., consider them for yours!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Music & Lyrics are Powerful!

Take the time to pick songs for your wedding and reception that set the right tone, match the entertainers abilities and most importantly move you.

The best way to find these songs is to open yourself to the music that surrounds you each day. For example, I was watching the Ellen DeGeneres show two days ago. Keith Urban was a guest on the show and sang "Only You Can Love Me This Way".

What a gorgeous song.., highly romantic, heartfelt lyrics and an amazing guitar hook. Imagine the way it could stir your heart as you walk down the aisle or as a First Dance.

Great music is all around us so carry a notepad and write down songs that make you smile, dance, and love!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Boutique Properties in Hawaii

At Parasol Events we are always seeking and recommending companies who are unique, professional and deliver value. The Aqua Hotels & Resorts have created a wonderful brand of Boutique Properties in Hawaii that meet our criteria. On Oahu we have the Coconut Waikiki (currently #1 on Trip Advisor for Oahu) and the Aqua Bamboo & Spa. Other stand out properties are the Kauai Beach Resort, & the Hotel Wailea Maui.

For destination brides & grooms these venues are a boon! Affording comfort, elegance and reasonable price points couples can feel confident in recommending the Aqua to their families and guests.

More information can be found at

Pictured is Hotel Wailea Maui - resonating harmony and luxury!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Don't forget the linens & chairs!

Often brides & grooms forget to inquire about what the standard linens and chairs are for their event. Be prepared for an unwelcome (in most cases) surprise! It is very common that caterers and hotel venues offer very basic linens and have chairs that are not universally appealing.

The standard linen is normally white or ivory polyester and it will only fall to the laps of your guests. Why does that matter? Because the table legs are most likely steel and are quite industrial looking.

As for chairs, I have seen the gamut. From out of date, to overly ornate, and often the wrong style or color for my client's theme.

To avoid these design "downers" the simplest solution is to rent the classically elegant chivari chair (available in many finishes) and upgrade to the ivory or white linen in floor length.

The event pictured demonstrates how a simple wedding design gets a big boost with just those two upgrades.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Cool off your guests and have some Fun!

Shave Ice is just so Hawaii! Nothing is so whimsical, cultural or fun as including a shave ice bar at your wedding reception.

Just imagine cooling off with a sweet or tangy icy treat! Adults can bring it up a notch by adding a little shot of "somethin' somthin'" if you know what I mean:)

This is just one of the many great stations that Catering Connection, a full service catering company, can arrange. In fact, they just updated their website and there are lots of yummy ideas. My personal favorites are the Mashed Potato Bar, The Live Action Sushi, and the made to order salad bar.

I LOVE working with Catering Connection - we have great synergy!

Check them out at

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Trend - Unique & Personal Ceremonies

Although the ceremony is a brief 20 minutes, you can make that time memorable! This is a time to reflect and feel the significance of your past and future so don't be afraid of tears of joy.

Consider personalizing your ceremony with....,

*Non -classical music- contemporary songs can set the tone you desire and touch you in a way that unfamiliar music may not

*A paragraph about your feelings in appreciation of your bride/groom to be included with your vows

*Include your close family & friends in readings (poetry, lyrics - sentimental is fine)

*Acknowledge your guests during the ceremony and ask them to be a support system and witness to your journey (hey marriage is not always a cakewalk)

For more ideas check out The Knot @

Photo by Visionari