Sunday, March 29, 2015

12th Avenue Grill

I admit it - I am a "foodie" and have been before the term existed. Between designing dinner menus, choosing appetizers, suggesting wine and cocktails, I really get to put my experience and palate to good use.
So imagine by delight when I worked with 12th Avenue Grill, the 2015 Hale Aina Restaurant of the Year, this month. They ensured a delicious menu that was well balanced and executed perfectly. One of the appetizers, the smoked Ahi Bruschetta was simply addictive and can the dip be purchased at select stores -

Cakeworks does cheesecakes!

Working with Abi and her crew at Cakeworks is a delicious and beautiful experience. This was a fun project and exactly what the bride wanted. A cheesecake top cake and mini cheesecakes with Chanel camilla roses.
The cake topper was purchased online but adding all the handmade bags was what really made it special. The bride's sister actually made each one of the shopping bags. Totally perfect little replica's.
The ribbon was supplied by the bride and the plexiglass stand was rented through Cakeworks. All these details came together to create the unique wedding cake that the bride desired. Pictured with the cake is the bride's sister whose labor of love was the "icing" on the look.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Loulu Palms - Scene One

My March 8th couple! 

It was a short road to get to this moment because Parasol Events was brought in (to replace the previous planning company) a mere 15 business days before the wedding.  How did that happen? …, well that is a story for the bride and groom to tell:(
The challenge of organizing an event so close to the actual event date was a huge thrill for me. Being able to secure an amazing team of wedding professionals and assure all the fun & pretty details the bride cared about - big balloons - mini cheesecakes - were in place felt great!

This sunset shot was taken by Chrissy of Chrissy Lambert Photography was taken on the beach front Loulu Palms. More pics and details to follow:)

P.S. the vivid sky colors even coordinate with the bride's orange and yellow themed decor! 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Edgy & Urban Engagement Shots - Kakaako

Kakaako has become artsy, hip and fun. It reminds me of a sunnier and lighter version of Seattle's Capital Hill. The industrial walls are now covered with exciting and meaningful street art.
Positive messages are always uplifting but check out the Kakaako's instagram to surf the more for the artistic images.
I find that Kakaako is a great place for flanerie (French for strolling, loafing, lounger), eating, shopping,  and photo shoots - head's up newly engaged couples.