Wednesday, August 3, 2016

For the Groom - what to wear on our wedding day

Need I say more?

Bringing "You" to your Wedding Design

With a well over a decade of experience as a planner in the wedding industry, I am grateful that Parasol Events is well respected and has a solid gold reputation.
Our success follows old fashioned principles such as; do what you say you will; when you say you will; work hard; have integrity.

Two things that keep me motivated are 1) Helping my couples feel not just confidence but enjoyment while navigating the planning process 2) Elevating the entire event- across the board. Anything from helping to stretch resources, build their wedding professional team, freeing them from convention, original layouts, menu creation, etc.

With that in mind, an exercise that helps clients find originality is to use ART as a color launching point.  For example the Impressionists capture color and light in an amazing way. Look at Haystacks by Claude Monet: see how it translates into a wedding theme. Want something more contemporary?How about the abstract expressionist piece below?


An exciting show at the Denver Art Museum called "Women of Abstract Expressionism"
Mary Abbott, All Green