Monday, January 24, 2011

Photobooth Ideas for your Hawaii Wedding

Photobooths continue to be popular in 2011 in Hawaii. Since this trend began several years ago, the Islands have arisen to the demands and there are more photobooth vendors available now then ever. In addition to having more vendors to select from and better availability the pricing has become more competitive.

Some basic tips when considering a photobooth -

* Be sure you have the budget for this. I have heard stories of couples who booked this service early only to find themselves at the end of the planning process resorting to a cash bar (a big no- no) because they have depleted their budget.
* Is there enough space at your venue. The booth has space and power requirements that need to be met.
*When and how long do you want the photobooth on-site. Cocktail hour is a ideal time since it is a casual time for your guests and there is generally no formal program during that time.

Here are three vendors you may want to consider...

In addition to the traditional photobooths, look for our next post on alternatives to the booth style that are becoming popular.

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