Tuesday, April 27, 2010

May Weddings In Hawaii

Parasol Events is ramping up for a fantastic month of May weddings.

The last month of wedding planning is the second biggest burst of organization and flurry of activity ( next to the month you begin planning the event) and as critical to the success of the event.

With the RSVP's in, couples now have a firm grasp on their guest head count. With that we can now tie up loose ends, solidify timelines, commitments and designs.

*Apply for Marriage License
*Compile list of final balances due for vendors
*Confirm head count to venue or caterers
*Arrange Guest Seating
*Reconfirm Timeline with vendors
*Review timeline with wedding party and family
*Arrange rehearsal date and communicate to parties involved
*Finalize appointments for nails, hair, pressing,etc.
*Pack guest books,favors, passports, etc.
*Print any remaining stationary items such as menus, programs, escort cards
*Prepare an Emergency Kit for the wedding day
*Arrange for a final walk thru/site visit at venue
*Tighten up all rentals of linens, chairs, tents and be sure that they match guest count

We have had so many smooth events and just love the process and assisting our clients. The last 30 days are packed with details but with each item checked off the "to do" list brings a stress free wedding closer.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hawaiian Dinner Rehearsal Idea!

When you bring your guests to Hawaii you want to be sure to avail yourself of as much natural beauty as possible. So instead of booking a dinner indoors - take your party to the water. There are many different charters available for rehearsal dinners from large to small groups.
My favorite is the Vida Mia. She is the only classic luxury motor cruiser of its kind in Hawaii. Vida Mia means "MY Life" in Spanish and was built in 1929. She is beautifully crafted in teak to the highest standars; this 65 foot luxury cruiser has been restored to her original elegance. Designed to provide exquisite comfort durung tropical outing, the Vida Mia features a sheltered deck with an open bar, a galley, three state rooms, saloon, and two heads.

Vida Mia is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week with customized catering and bar service. United States Coast Guard has certified her for 49 passenger.

Why not go for it....after all this is Your Life:)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sparkling Wines for Hot Hawaiian Celebrations

Champagne is the classic example of sparkling wine however this fizzy drink has so many varieties that you may want to consider something more unique to give your wedding reception that festive feeling.

My favorite time to offer this drink to your guests is pre-ceremony. It sets the tone for fun, class and relaxation.

Here is a run down of some lesser known sparking wines
* Rose - pink champagne - often dry
*Sparkling reds - primarily made in Australia
*Cava- made in Northeastern Spain
*Asti - made in Italy it is sweet and fruity
*Spumante- also made in Italy but is dry
*Brut- primarily California made

Sunday, April 4, 2010

We L -O -V-E Chrissy Lambert Photography

Honolulu-based photographer Chrissy Lambert is known for fresh modern wedding photography. Her fun and creative approach to candid imagery has made her one of our favorite choices for couples who are looking for artistic, contemporary wedding photojournalism in Hawaii.

What do we look for in a photographer...,


To see more of Chrissy's work go to www.chrissylambert.com