Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pointers for Hair & Make-up on your Wedding Day

Hair & Makeup services are on our "must have" list for your wedding day. At minimum, brides should book these services for themselves. However, it is a gracious gesture for bridesmaids, the bride's mother, and the future mother- in- law who will all appreciate looking their very best for photos too.

Here is our top ten list of pointers for planning/coordinating Hair & Make-up services.
1) Work with a reputable stylist who SPECIALIZES in weddings.
2) Be sure to have a trial session.
3) Use images of make-up and hair styles as a communication tool between you and the stylist.
4) Make sure you have enough space in your hotel room for the stylist/s, photographers and wedding attendants.
5) Be sure to have your payment prepared in advance for services.
6) Discuss parking with stylist - is this an expense the bride needs to cover?
7) If the stylist is putting flowers in the bride's hair be sure the florists delivery time works.
8) Logistics to plan for - adequate table top space for make-up, outlets (for curling irons), and chairs (one for each person being styled).
9) Check & then double check the start and end times for services.
10) Communicate, Communicate, Communicate- if something does not look or feel right let your stylist know right away. Constructive feedback is always desirable.

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