Monday, October 25, 2010

Amazing New Venue in Honolulu!

It is not too often that I am bowled over by a new property but the Waikiki Edition did just that on my site visit last Saturday.
While there are so many details that set the Waikiki Edition into a class of its' own, what I found most striking was the pure understated class & luxury.

Beginning with the doormen in their fresh white shirts & shorts, cotton grey sweater vests and pristine white converse sneakers to the intimate zen lobby with a splash of whimsy ala the surf board sculpture behind the reception area it felt welcoming. Oh, and let me mention that the restaurant on site is Morimoto's - as in the famous Iron Chef! YUM!

There are several options for clients wanting to host a celebration here. Delightful, zen & tropical settings are available for small groups up to hundreds. Please do visit the property or the website for more images and information.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lighting with a Tropical Flair

I found this clever installation of lights online and immediately added it to my list of decor and lighting options. Finding concepts that are first functional and then visually pleasing is not as common as you would think.

These clusters of shoji lanterns have an casual feel and reference the look of low palm trees. Bringing the structural element of this scale adds drama while the soft lighting adds intimacy & warmth.

Stunning Right?!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Gift Box - Customize for a Hawaiian Wedding

Details don't have to be fussy to have impact. Having a gift box to hold wedding cards keeps things organized and with some thoughtful adjustments can completely support your color scheme.

This simple stack of boxes with a gorgeous ribbon could be any color combination. Add a pattern for more bang or even consider using a textured box made of anything you can imagine. Lauhala & Bamboo are very Hawaiian.

Just another fun idea to enhance your Tropical Wedding.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Refreshing Beverages for the Tropical Setting

One of the things that Alia & I love about planning events is the amount of creativity & the spirit of individualism we help clients infuse into even the simplest details - for instance beverages.

The ice tea/lemonade station is such a fun way to mix- it up. But take that a step further with flavored teas and you can just imagine the interest and fun that guests will have tasting the variety and creating their own concoctions.

Here are the pros....
*environmentally friendly - no plastic bottles
*great value - both visually interesting and functional (quenching thirst)
*interactive - guests invent their own drinks and share their inspiration (Arnold Palmers - a mix of unsweetened tea and lemonade happen to be one of my favorite drinks.)