Sunday, May 30, 2010

Adorning the Bride & Bridesmaids

My client's surprised me last night at their wedding with a gift!

Neatly packaged were a pair of gorgeous silver knot earrings. I adored (and appreciated) the symbolism of "the knot" especially!

The designers are Viv & Ingrid. When surfing, you'll find that these ladies have everything from delicate & modern necklaces for the bride to cool & feminine earrings for the bridesmaids.

P.S. Try out the feature that allows you to shop by your theme color. Handy!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Soup in Hawaii ? Yes - Chilled Soup Shooters!

There are lots of popular hot soups in Hawaii but they don't make for great wedding fare. However, the trendy and delicious chilled soup shooter options make super cool (literally) additions to the appetizer or dinner menu.

They can be complimentary to the menu or for real whimsy - offer them in your theme colors. There are so many variations that a creative and talented catering company can offer.

Searching the web is a fun place to start for ideas. I found recipes for
*beet soup shooters
*chilled pea soup shooter with fresh mint - link below
*sweet corn soup shooters
*chilled white grape almond soup
and for a tropic twist .........*mango gazpacho

Super Duper Cool Ideal!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New trend - Sky Lanterns!

My bride, Kristen, brought Sky Lanterns to my attention and I am completely mesmerized by them. Her event is at an outdoor private estate and approval is pending. We have our fingers crossed that she will be able to use them.

We would incorporate the lanterns as part of her formal send -off. Sounds splendid right! They have the right drama, sense of celebration & joy for a wedding event finale.

Keep you posted.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where to purchase wines in Hawaii

At Parasol Events, many of our local & destination brides choose venues at private estates locations. One of the advantages of a non hotel location is that the bar costs are considerably lower and the value significantly higher.

The reason is that the alcohol served at the event is purchased independently. While Costco is a reliable option (especially in light of their easy return policy). I am a real supporter of buying locally and supporting small businesses.

Tamura's fits that ticket and has prices that are either lower or on par with Costco.Tamura's has three locations on Oahu and I highly recommend that you consider shopping them. In addition to the diverse selection (way more variety then Costco), they provide professional service and are very knowledgeable about beers, wines & liquors. Give Benjamin, the manager at the Waialae location, a shout and see how he can assist you. Tell him that Parasol Events sent you his way:)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Frosted in Hawaii!

Frosted, a boutique cake company, has recently landed and opened in Honolulu.

It is unusual for me to recommend a brand new vendor so let me give you some history. I met Melissa Char, the owner of Frosted, for the first time last July. From her first communication with me she has been professional and interesting. Here is an excerpt from her first email to me.

"I possess a great range of experiences and skills that would make me an excellent addition to your team. I am currently in the process of planning a full service wedding and obtained certification as a wedding planner from U.S. Event Guide. I have played the violin and piano for a combined total of 23 years and have danced hula in a number of performances, therefore I understand what good entertainment entails. I am also a skilled baker and cake decorator (I enrolled in courses at Seattle Community College and through Wilton Industries). This knowledge is helpful when it comes to brainstorming wedding cake designs and evaluating the work of wedding cake vendors. In addition, I obtained my degree from the University of Puget Sound where I majored in Business and minored in English. I have held many positions in which I developed customer service, organization, and event planning skills. I am young, eager and enthusiastic about pursuing a career in wedding planning. I have attached my resume for further review.
I currently work in Seattle, Washington but will be moving home to Oahu on August 30th and would love to schedule an interview with you."

Tracking this young, talented and ambitious woman has been delightful. Her cupcakes taste fantastic, her business skills impeccable, and her passion contagious! I look forward to working with her and bringing her on board as a Parasol Events preferred vendor.