Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pop of Color!

Still dizzy over wedding colors? We’ve pulled the season’s hottest colors from the runways for some hip and modern color schemes. See what these color combos say about you and your wedding style:

Jade and Soft Honey: You’re able to adapt to all situations so don’t stress. Your wedding will be adorned with delicate well thought-out details reflecting your youthful innocence. Your innate ability to comfort will ensure that you’ve anticipated all your guests needs from arrival to the last dance.

Canary Yellow and Pastel Blue: No matter who your guests are they are in for a great time! Your wedding will reflect your free flowing, tranquil energy. You’re generally optimistic and great at putting people at ease. Your wedding will incorporate fun elements that will have all your guests chatting it up and getting’ down on the dance floor.

Grey and Buttercup: You’re a cool and modern bride. You’re idea driven and always positive. You’re wedding will be simple and fresh while oozing with sophisticated creativity. Nobody will want to miss this wedding and there’s no doubt that people will be taking notes for their next shin-dig.

Royal Blue and Kelly Green: You are a traditionalist with a reliable and decisive nature. Your wedding will have regal elements balanced by sentimental accents. Use of your family crest or monograms will give your wedding a powerful touch while sweet floral arrangements will reflect your sensitive and calming side.

Mint and Black: You’re a mysterious balance of sweet femininity with strength and power. Although you’re somewhat of a trendsetter, your overall style is classic and timeless. You’re wedding will have guests talking for months as your personality is reflected in the unexpected details.

Turquoise and Lime: Get ready, because your guests will be geared up for a good time! You’re an enthusiastic and flirtatious bride who knows how to throw a great party. From food and drink to fabulous d├ęcor, you’re wedding will have all the elements needed for an extraordinary event.

Aqua and Lavender: Typically you’re easygoing and relaxed but your wedding has you in a lovestruck magical mood. Although you will definitely have some romantic elements, you’re in the mood to surprise people and you’re wedding will contain some amazingly creative elements (think firework display)! Your guests will definitely be in for an unforgettable experience.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Manolo Blahnik
Swan Embellished Satin Pump
Waist sizes may come and grow but a woman’s shoe size is forever! Wedding shoes are the single most justifiable splurge on your wedding day. This is one element of your wedding attire that yes, you will actually be able to wear again. Not to mention a hot pair of heels make for some great photo opps. Here’s a few of our favorite "wear them again" picks for this season’s brides:

Kate Spade 'Fella' Flat

Christian Louboutin Disco Noeud Satin Platform Sandal, Champagne

Vera Wang Lavender 'Lanie Flats: 

Miu Miu Leather Open-Toe Wedges: