Sunday, February 15, 2015

Real Gastropub, Honolulu

Love that Beer, Love that Vibe - the Real Gastropub
As an after beach hang-out, a post-wedding rehearsal watering hole, Boy's Night Out (or GNO), Jack/Jill  -  it is just that right and relaxed.  Flights of beer really help me learn about what I like.

Here are the beers that I tasted: All were good but okay - anything salted caramel these days is bonus right!  And the Ahi Sliders - get several orders!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hawaiian Inspired Slow Dance Song

Driving on the H1 headed towards Kokohead and really listened to this song by The Green. The Green, our local boys, have a fantastic sound and a successful band (+ they tour a lot!). 
Chocolates & Roses is that romantic slow dance song. Heyyyyy to all those lovers. Have a listen…,

Monday, February 2, 2015

Unfrosted Wedding Cakes

The unfrosted (aka naked or nude) cake is on my radar as a natural complement to the rustic wedding theme. My favorite all time cake is German chocolate and I realized that this trend may have originated with it.
Being such a foodie, the main appeal is taste. I love cake and an appropriate amount of frosting is literally the "icing on the cake" But far too often, I find the frosting overwhelming. The overall flavor profile is butter and sugar. With an unfrosted cake the ratio of cake:frosting would naturally be better balanced.
Be aware - with a less then professional approach, for instance, uneven cake layers or sloppy icing will  result is an unfinished or homemade (and not in a good way) look.
A picture worthy cake will be executed with very symmetrical flat cake layers and an evenly frosted icing layer.
In my opinion, this style is especially flattering with chocolate cakes. And of course if an ombre style interests you then consider this trend - each layer will be visible.

Chocolate cakes really work well!
Gorgeous Ombre

Posted this cause it is my all time favorite cake since small kid time:) 

So many pretty cakes on this website -