Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cute Tropical Cake Toppers

As a destination wedding planner, I spend hours scouring the internet for details that make each wedding a unique. Attractive Hawaiian or Tropical cake toppers are the needle in the haystack so when I spied this topper I knew I would share them. My favorite way to use this pair would be to place them on the small ceremonial cake perched above a color coordinated cupcake tower. http://www.weddingcollectibles.com

While researching the net for Hawaiian inspired cake toppers, several Vintage cake toppers caught my eye. Retro can feel smart, quirky, soft or classic. Imagine how the simplicity of this 1950's bride & groom design (link below) would compliment the trendy black & white color themes that have been emerging. This vintage topper thoughtfully injects warmth into a sophiticated palette.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pups in Paradise!

More and more couples are choosing to include their pets on their wedding day. This has amounted to a lot of fun, amusement and whimsy. One important key to incorporating pets in the festivities is finding an agreeable venue. Restaurants are generally a "no" due to health code restrictions but parks, most outdoor venues, museums, and private estates are all possibilities.

Depending on how interactive the dog/s are in the couples life and the pets comfort with crowds and new environments there different degrees of involving them. If the animals are reserved then perhaps they can be included via image or likeness such as a cake topper or on included in an engagement shot that is shown at the wedding. Outgoing dogs can attend the ceremony and the very well trained dogs can walk down the aisle with the bridesmaids and/or the groomsmen. Only the most relaxed and chill dogs should be included in the reception.

Should dogs dress up for the event too? I think if they are comfortable with it then why not:)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Rustic Hawaii North Shore Venue

There is a relatively new venue on the North Shore that Parasol Events is excited about! Alia attended an event held at the property on October 17th so she could check it out. The result is that we have optimistically added this property to our list of potential event locations (+ an added bonus - Alia lives just around the corner = quick access).

I spent some time looking at their web galleries and just adored images such as the bride in a breezy wedding dress with cowboy boots and the groom touting suspenders and converse sneaks - so totally vintage, casual and whimsical.

Other images that jazzed me are the stables/barn, huge flat lawns, panoramic views of gorgeous vistas and the wide open spaces (which is feel so liberating). The vistas are stunning - the vibe natural - and for the right client this place will be absolute magic.

Check it out at www.sunsetranchhawaii.com

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hawaii Weddings Updated Website for Parasol Events - YAY!

If you have not visited our website recently - please do take a peek. We have updated our look and added new wedding galleries.

The time and attention dedicated to the site's design and functionality is just a fraction of we provide to our events & clients. So just imagine how fantastic those results are:)

Photo: Visionari