Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beautiful Hawaiian Beach Wedding Dress

Alfredo Angelo has been selling this dress for a long time and each time I see it I wonder why I have never had a bride who has picked it. Perhaps it is overlooked because the price is so reasonable. Brides often feel that their dress needs to cost alot - not true. A great dress is one that you feel comfortable, beautiful and feminine in. While, beach weddings provide a wonderful backdrop - navigating through sand in a long dress is really sweaty work. A shorter length it smart.

While surfing for the shorter length dresses on the Alfredo Angelo's website this cute mini wedding dress also caught my eye. It is suitable for the modern untraditional bride or for a vow renewal.

Oh - I love weddings!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Green - Top Hawaiian Entertainment on Tour!

It was a privilege to work last August with the Hawaii breakout band "The Green" at Marissa and Jason's wedding. Their album has been named by iTune's as "Best Reggae Album of 2010" and made it onto Billboard's top ten best reggae albums of 2010 list.

Weddings with great entertainment are supremely memorable and fun. If you happen to be a Hawaii destination bride or groom and are considering live entertainment for your reception (or you just need to get a dose of "Aloha" this winter) here is your chance to check them out. The Green's tour schedule can be viewed online at