Sunday, February 27, 2011

Picking colors for a Hawaii wedding

There are so many colors to choose from that it can be mind boggling. Alternatively, we are the rainbow state! But seriously, when it comes down to picking the colors for a tropical wedding it is best to limit the palette to 3 or less colors. The big tip is that an amazing palette is developed by mixing and matching hues, shade, tints or tones of those colors!

Here is the low down -
*Hue - bold, cheerful & exciting - these colors progress around the primary color wheel.
*Tints - soothing, soft & romantic - these colors are often referred to as pastels and they actually don't work well in Hawaii's very strong light. Pastels wash out.
*Shades- mysterious, powerful & traditional - these are colors with black added.
*Tones - sophisticated, complex & subtle - these are among my favorites and work well with any of the above.

Working with my clients to develop an inspiration board is exciting and by selecting the right color combinations we are guaranteed a fantastic look! A tool that I use for my own reference is a totally cool blog -
Check it out and enjoy creating fresh color ideas!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pointers for Hair & Make-up on your Wedding Day

Hair & Makeup services are on our "must have" list for your wedding day. At minimum, brides should book these services for themselves. However, it is a gracious gesture for bridesmaids, the bride's mother, and the future mother- in- law who will all appreciate looking their very best for photos too.

Here is our top ten list of pointers for planning/coordinating Hair & Make-up services.
1) Work with a reputable stylist who SPECIALIZES in weddings.
2) Be sure to have a trial session.
3) Use images of make-up and hair styles as a communication tool between you and the stylist.
4) Make sure you have enough space in your hotel room for the stylist/s, photographers and wedding attendants.
5) Be sure to have your payment prepared in advance for services.
6) Discuss parking with stylist - is this an expense the bride needs to cover?
7) If the stylist is putting flowers in the bride's hair be sure the florists delivery time works.
8) Logistics to plan for - adequate table top space for make-up, outlets (for curling irons), and chairs (one for each person being styled).
9) Check & then double check the start and end times for services.
10) Communicate, Communicate, Communicate- if something does not look or feel right let your stylist know right away. Constructive feedback is always desirable.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hawaii - Do it Yourself - Photo Booth/Bar

There are a myriad ways to produce a customized photo booth and it is a personalized alternative to the standard commercial photo booth. Photo back drops also require less space and since there is no rental cost it is a budget friendly .

Things you will need -
1) A location for the Backdrop
2) A frame for fabric or installation - PVC is light and sturdy
3) Backdrop fabric - deep solid colors work really well and can coordinate with your event. You can also get great vinyl ones customized with a wedding logo*.
3) Good lighting- eliminating the need for flash will improve the photos. Check with your photographer to see if they have studio lights you can use/rent.
4) Digital Camera or a Polaroid (hassle free - no printer necessary)
5) Photographer - although you can ask some guests to volunteer to shoot - Hiring a second photographer for a 2 hours will ensure that no one at your wedding gets locked there
6) Portable Printer w/Photo paper
7) Paper Frames for Photos
8) Accessories are fun - with a Hawaii destination wedding it would be simple to have a prop box that includes leis, hula skirts, hakus, and ukuleles but your options are unlimited and an opportunity to further personalize your event

Weddings are such a wonderful time to interact and connect. Use the Photobooth concept as yet another way to bring everyone together.