Monday, February 1, 2010

Hot Hawaiian Days, Cool Hawaiian Smoothies

Brainstorming ways to make events fresher and better is just one of the ways I spend my days as a professional wedding planner and for years I have noticed how hungry, hot, and uptight guests are when they arrive.

Looking outside of the box for a solution, I realized how practical providing light substance at arrival would be (plus it is unexpected and fun). So consider stepping it up and adding originality to your event.

Instead of the typical scenario of meandering guests with empty stomachs - greet them with a custom smoothie bar and let them order a tasty tropical delight. It will give them immediate pleasure, take off their edge and be completely restorative . By the time the ceremony begins moods are uplifted and the atmosphere is both focused and happy.

Viola - the perfect setting for a heartfelt union!

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