Monday, January 13, 2020

A Hawai‘i Wedding Wish List for 2020

I have been thinking about what I'd like to see this year in weddings.


Individuality -"paint by number" weddings lack personality. I want to continue to encourage couples to use this opportunity to express their unique hosting style.
Signature Drinks - remember that the goal is to create a enjoyable experience. Let's explore the myriad of tasty & creative options that will enhance your menu and theme. A full bar is not the only choice.


Waste - being a good host/hostess does not require having an excess. While you never want to run out of food or drinks - too much is simply too much. For example: bottled water costs $6++ (not including the environmental expense) wouldn't serving from water pitchers be a better choice?
Competition - when couples attend a circuit of weddings it often makes them wonder if they are "keeping up". My goal is to keep them on track and remind them that everything but the kitchen sink does not make for a better time.

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