Monday, August 13, 2012

Lash Out!!!

Parasol Events has a new obsession and “must have” for your wedding week and beyond.  Lash extensions by Leanne Kirk at the Spa at Trump Waikiki will give your look a natural boost and give the illusion that your wearing makeup even if all your sporting is sunscreen!  The mink lashes coupled with Leanne’s artistic touch will be just the added “oomph” you need to carry you from your Welcome BBQ to your Farewell Brunch and beyond!  Plus, on your big day those peepers will be so lusciously framed that you won’t even have to worry about your mascara running when you start to feel a bit misty during your vows.

Leanne takes care to begin with a consultation to take into consideration your lifestyle and the look that you want.  She then uses a variety of sizes, curls and colors to custom create the combination for your eye shape, color and size.  The application will last between 2  ½ to 3 hours during which most clients take a nap.  After which they emerge with almost 80-130+ individual lashes applied.  When completed, the lashes are light, not heavy like your standard glue on false lashes and the effects are amazing.  The initial set will start at $300-$350 with relashes (fills) at $75.  But trust us, this is one wedding splurge you won’t regret!!!

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