Sunday, October 2, 2011

Seating Charts - Keeping it Simple

One of the last details for brides and grooms to manage before their wedding is the seating chart. With RSVP's typically arriving at one month prior to the wedding date, there is only a short window of time to arrange the guests and it is critical that it is done with care. Imagine having 78 guests and 8 tables of 10 persons per table to place them on. Now consider, who knows who? What will the table dynamic be with certain mixes of people. Some families want to stick together and there are 7 of them. Just those three questions help you to imagine how thoughtfully one must approach seating. If time is of the essence, consider keeping the communication of the arrangements simple as shown in the hand drawn seating chart. While there are many ways to communicate seating arrangements, if you are short on time it is unnecessary to worry about the presentation. Spend your time on the logistics vs. the fluff. In the end that is much more important.

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