Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Top Five Wedding Tips - A Bride's reflections

Couples really value foresight when planning their wedding. A few pieces of advice that we share with our clients were very nicely echoed in a blog we came across.

Here are the top five tips from a bride who has been there and done it - along with our additional comments in italics.

1. Book the best photographer you can afford. Pictures will last forever
2. Lay on free booze, but keep it simple. Beer and wine please everyone
3. Prepare something for your first dance. Seriously, rocking back and forth "ala prom style" is not entertaining - skip the first dance in that case.
4. Arrange for something the next day. It helps transition from the high of the wedding day and can prevent post wedding blues
5. Don't drink too much. You will want clarity throughout

To read more on this bride's reflections please follow the link below for additional insights....,

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