Monday, August 16, 2010

5 Characteristics Necessary for Successful Wedding Planning

We love what we do here at Parasol Events!

Successful wedding events are built on 5 characteristics of conduct resulting in professional positive client - consultant relationships. As wedding consultants it is our responsibility to conduct our projects/ relationships with all 5 of the following attributes. The most enjoyable and productive partnerships occur when the client is also working within the same model of values.

1) Lack of Condescension - having respect is required in every good relationship
2) Cognition - understanding what the desired goal is within realistic terms
3) Conscientious - to be reliable and have integrity
4) Conclusiveness - to be decisive
5) Communication - reciprocal, honest, and progressive dialogues

Consider the wedding programs that promote the "Bridezilla" behavior and you will find that they are very clearly operating on the opposite side of this scale.

We want all our clients to have the best possible experience. To learn more about how critical each of the 5 characteristics are to the client - consultant relationship read more at......