Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where to purchase wines in Hawaii

At Parasol Events, many of our local & destination brides choose venues at private estates locations. One of the advantages of a non hotel location is that the bar costs are considerably lower and the value significantly higher.

The reason is that the alcohol served at the event is purchased independently. While Costco is a reliable option (especially in light of their easy return policy). I am a real supporter of buying locally and supporting small businesses.

Tamura's fits that ticket and has prices that are either lower or on par with Costco.Tamura's has three locations on Oahu and I highly recommend that you consider shopping them. In addition to the diverse selection (way more variety then Costco), they provide professional service and are very knowledgeable about beers, wines & liquors. Give Benjamin, the manager at the Waialae location, a shout and see how he can assist you. Tell him that Parasol Events sent you his way:)

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