Monday, March 1, 2010

Keeping the "Heart" in your wedding!

As a wedding planner I have many roles but helping my brides and grooms remember that this is about them at the core is one of the key responsibilities among an ocean of choices, details and decisions.

My wedding planner does not turn off even in down time...., so I wanted to share an excerpt page 68 of Erica Bauermeiser's new novel, "The School of Essential Ingredients" which totally captures the spirit of what I would want for each of my clients.

"I remember my wedding cake," said Claire. "I was so hungry - we hadn't eaten all day. Here was this incredible cake- layers of chocolate and whipped cream and all these curlicures of thick, smooth frosting - and they kept making us pose for pictures. I told my husband I was starving, and he took a fork and just stuck it in the side of the cake and fed me a bite. My mother and the photographer were furious, but I always tell James that was the moment when I married him."

The planning matters but being present and together is more essential.

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