Monday, January 11, 2010

Don't forget the linens & chairs!

Often brides & grooms forget to inquire about what the standard linens and chairs are for their event. Be prepared for an unwelcome (in most cases) surprise! It is very common that caterers and hotel venues offer very basic linens and have chairs that are not universally appealing.

The standard linen is normally white or ivory polyester and it will only fall to the laps of your guests. Why does that matter? Because the table legs are most likely steel and are quite industrial looking.

As for chairs, I have seen the gamut. From out of date, to overly ornate, and often the wrong style or color for my client's theme.

To avoid these design "downers" the simplest solution is to rent the classically elegant chivari chair (available in many finishes) and upgrade to the ivory or white linen in floor length.

The event pictured demonstrates how a simple wedding design gets a big boost with just those two upgrades.

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