Thursday, November 5, 2009

Champagne & Malasdas to get the party started in Hawaii!

Standing ocean side after a intimate heartfelt ceremony.., now imagine sipping a bubbly champagne and nibbling on light sugary confection! Even better right!

Maladas are very popular in Hawaii. Couples lean towards serving petit fours, chocolate covered strawberries, or their own wedding cake but this concept has a distinct island flair. Serving malasadas offers you a subtle & unique way to infuse the local culture into your celebration. This pairing is particularly well balanced with an extra dry champagne.

The guests just love them! I have even seen them surround the sugar dusted empty platter to reminisce about how tasty there were! Of course..., they also want to know where they can find them again too. We tell them to go to Leonards:)

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