Sunday, September 20, 2009

Radiant Bride by Luxz!

Roxanne, the owner & licensed esthetician of Luxz, graciously offered me a complimentary microdermabrasion Intraceutical hyperbaric oxygen therapy facial. FYI- these are the treatments that are keeping the Hollywood crowd looking so incredibly youthful.

I was pleased with immediate results of the treatment, but what I am finding so completely astonishing is that at 5 weeks out -I am continuing to see improvements. Fine lines & hyper-pigmentation have been minimized and my skin has a glow & suppleness that is new! Yup! I am hooked and am planning on booking myself for the series!!!!!! These results are better than any other single thing that I have done recently to improve my appearance.

For my brides who want to look fresh and radiant on their wedding day this is a really worthwhile treatment. The boost is so completely visible! Do consider your moms for this treatment too because the longer one has LIVED in her skin the more dramatic the results!


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