Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Personalize Your Oshi Buri!

A unique touch to any outdoor or destination wedding is the Oshi Buri Service. Traditionally, Oshi Buris are moist hot towels given at Japanese restaurants. With its strong Japanese influences, the Hawaiian culture has adopted the oshi buri service and it can found at many events or occasions to provide guests with an opportunity to “freshen up” with a cold moistened towel. In our humid climate, it’s a much appreciated detail at weddings!

For a DIY Oshi Buri, moisten wash cloths or hand towels (use an aromatic scent like coconut or almond for an added bonus) roll them up and chill in the refrigerator. Present them on a platter or pass around to your guests. A special touch during cocktail hour or after a beach ceremony to wipe their feet clean as featured above from one of Colin Cowie’s weddings: http://www.colincowieweddings.com/inspire-me/the-galleries/wedding-style/destination-weddings/detail/16

For a more personalized oshi buri, we love the idea of using monogrammed or personalized disposable towels like these: http://myweddingreceptionideas.com/fine_linen_guest_towels.asp.

From MyWeddingReceptionIdeas.com ($51.52 for 50). They’re made of thick, absorbent and soft paper/fiber combination that has the look and feel of fine linen cloth giving your oshi buri an elegant yet economical touch.

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