Sunday, February 27, 2011

Picking colors for a Hawaii wedding

There are so many colors to choose from that it can be mind boggling. Alternatively, we are the rainbow state! But seriously, when it comes down to picking the colors for a tropical wedding it is best to limit the palette to 3 or less colors. The big tip is that an amazing palette is developed by mixing and matching hues, shade, tints or tones of those colors!

Here is the low down -
*Hue - bold, cheerful & exciting - these colors progress around the primary color wheel.
*Tints - soothing, soft & romantic - these colors are often referred to as pastels and they actually don't work well in Hawaii's very strong light. Pastels wash out.
*Shades- mysterious, powerful & traditional - these are colors with black added.
*Tones - sophisticated, complex & subtle - these are among my favorites and work well with any of the above.

Working with my clients to develop an inspiration board is exciting and by selecting the right color combinations we are guaranteed a fantastic look! A tool that I use for my own reference is a totally cool blog -
Check it out and enjoy creating fresh color ideas!!!!