Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tropical Wedding Color Theme

Green is hands down the most popular wedding color in Hawaii. Green is used frequently either as a base color or an accent. One reason that it is so prevalent is because it is safe and it works.

As a planner I always encourage my clients to be unique. There are lots of elegant color combinations that work smashingly in Hawaii that don't rely on green. Check out how warm, modern and inviting the these colors are beach side. So don't limit yourself - think fresh and original by considering other colors combinations.

Do keep in mind that not all colors are created equal in the tropics. There are some combinations that don't translate successfully. For example, a 2010 color trend on the Mainland is the black & white wedding. While it is classy and clean in a ballroom location it comes across as formal and stuffy at an ocean side Hawaii wedding.

Although "Being Green" is a trend we LOVE at Parasol Events...,it does not need to be literal:)

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